What’s a sports nerd?

Everyone knows that one person who is absolutely crazy about sports. All they do is watch SportsCenter, they wear their team’ s jersey all the time, they read the box scores religiously, they won’t miss a game of their favorite player or team, they look up statistics for fun. and all they do is talk about sports. They participate in more than one fantasy football league, perhaps five or more. I have done that. They have filled out more than 10 brackets. Done it. They are crazy about sports.

Well, lucky, for you, that’s me. I am crazy about sports. I am bit of a sports nerd. I first started to read the sports page in first grade and that’s all I read in the newspaper. My favorite channel is ESPN. I can’t get enough of the Green Bay Packers or Aaron Rodgers. I guess Ricky Rubio either. There is more to life than just sports, but that is my passion. I talk sports with some guys on a radio station (94.5 KCFS in Sioux Falls, South Dakota), I am the sports intern at KDLT news and blog about sports.

So, that’s why I am starting this blog. I am a sports nut and I hope that I can share my passion for sports with some other sports nerds!